Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage targets to realign deep layers of muscles and connective tissue, thus ultimately relieving chronic aches in contracted areas including stiff neck, sore shoulders, back pain, and leg muscle tightness. Though the deep tissue massage is similar to the classical massage therapy, the pressure is slower and the movements are deeper, mainly concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

Chronic muscle tensions and adhesions can cause pain and block circulation, thus leading to inflammation and causing limitation of movement. With this special massage, your adhesions are broken down to restore normal movement and bring about relief to your muscles. Our massage therapist, with the help of organic massage oil and direct deep pressure, relieves your pain and relaxes your muscles.

With our deep tissue massage, your tissue turns more flexible and you will be able to improve the structure of your skin and ensure better blood circulation. This massage helps in relieving various problems, including limited mobility, lower back pain, injuries and repetitive strain injury.